Midnight “Farewell to Hell” 10″ Out Now

Midnight “Farewell to Hell” 10″

Midnight farewell regular

Midnight farewell die hard
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When Satan himself decides to spend the night getting wasted in the underworld’s finest pubs, you can bet that Midnight is his choice for the house band. Midnight’s complete perversion of textbook rock n’ roll/heavy metal make them the only choice for sick freaks looking to throw down cheap whiskey and worry about the consequences later. Midnight at once evoke the primal rock n’ roll instincts of Sir Lord Baltimore while taking it down a few notches to territory that appeals to fans of legendary metal bands Angel Witch, Acid, the earliest/dirtiest Sodom releases and most importantly, early-Venom! Warning! Midnight is not responsible for any ensuing criminal behavior! Die Hard version includes an one sided picture 7″.

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Die Hard version is now sold out.