Warhate / Domini Inferi split LP Out Now

Warhate / Domini Inferi split LP out now on Nuclear War Now! Prod.
Anti-Goth 026


Warhate plays heathen war metal the way it was meant to be. Short bursts of angst and hatred to celebrate the wolf in man. Their side of the LP was originally released as a split 7″ with Nasum back in 1998.

Domini Inferi is pre-Conqueror bestial black death metal project from R. Forster. Their side comes from a promo tape from 1994.

Presented in gatefold jacket with printed innersleeve and pressed on 180 gram heavy vinyl. Die hard version inclues two lapel pins and silver vinyl. This is probably the shortest LP I will ever do. Clocking in at 11 minutes total and cut at 45 RPM for superior audio fidelity. This will be sold for a normal LP price due to its manufacturing costs.

Unfortunately GZ fucked up and cut the Obi strips incorrectly so the initial copies will NOT come with obis. Wait to place the order if you want to get an obi. I can also send out the obi separately if you pay for postage.