Terrorama “Omnipotence” LP Out Now

Terrorama “Omnipotence” LP

terrorama cover
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Swedish black thrashers return with a second offering of darkness. Comes with reverseboard printed jacket, A2 poster, 12″ x 12″ double sided lyrics insert and 160 gram vinyl. Die hard version on colored vinyl includes patch and sticker.

1. Intro
2. The Omnipotence Paradox
3. Perversion Extol
4. Inseminated With Scorn
5. Archaic Visions
6. Immaculate Genocide
7. Misanthropic Genius
8. The Self Exorcism

Taken from the band’s bio:
TERRORAMA was officially formed in 2001, with the aim to create music under the moniker “old & original”. Influences are mostly drawn from the old South American Thrash movement of the 80s with bands like for instance Holocausto (Brazil), Graf Spee (Uruguay), Reencarnacion (Colombia), Vulcano (Brazil). Old east block heroes like Debustrol (Czech Republic) and Fantom (Hungary) also deserve to be mentioned. The song-writing is based around the spirit of the old days, without coming close to being one of all those retro/tribute bands polluting the scene with their crappy 3rd class Kreator/Slayer/Metallica/Vio-lence/Exodus-riffing nowadays. In other words; a contra revolution against all that is shitty and a big fuck off to all people jumping on current trends – be it retro-Thrash, religious BM or whatever. TERRORAMA offers the listeners honest, raw uncompromising Thrash metal (sometimes even bordering on Deathrash) with still plenty of room for hooks and memorable refrains that stick to (morbid) minds. The lyrics are based around thoughts of/on inner cleansing, religious hypocrites and despise for the imbecile human race!