Sadogoat “Cultus Capriea Ebrositatis” DLP In Stock Now

Sadogoat “Cultus Capriea Ebrositatis” DLP and DLP+7″
Released by Ancient Darkness Productions

Cum Stained Version DLP Limited to 566 copies:
Black Ejaculation Version DLP+7″ Limited to 100 copies:

This release contains almost all Sadogoat material from 1998-2005, this is the prior to Sadomator. Side 1 “Et In Arcadia Ego” demo 1999 01. Intro: Satanic War Engine 02. Female Goat Perversion 03. The Sabbath Of The Goat 04. Fragile Being On The Altar 05. Blasting Black Goat Attack 06. There Is No Silence In The Abyss 07. The Weeping Of Angels 08. Outro: Raped By The Horny Goat Early rehearsals 1998 09. Blasting Black Goat Attack 10. Fragile Being On The Altar 11. Outro: Eaten By The Living Dead Side 2 “Malleus Maleficarum” demo 2000 01. Intro: Perfection Of The Pentagram 02. Delusional Necrotic Carnage 03. The Age Of The Golden Goat 04. Holocaustal Slaughter Of Christians 05. Destruction Of All Holiness 06. In A Storm Of Hate And Hunger 07. The Rise Of Shub-Niggurath 08. Outro: Massive Goat Attack Side 3 “Naturon Demento” demo session 2000 01. Intro: Death-visions of Kadath 02. Goatzone Massacre (1944) 03. Permanent Return of Chtulhu 04. Total Human Holocaust 05. Goodbye To The Light 06. Minnesjord (Ildjarn cover) “Manifesto Of Subterrenean Obscurity” comp. 2001 07. Shub-Nigurrath: The Black Goat “Suicidal Satanic Death” demo 2002 08. Outro: Suicidal Death 09. Necromantic Rites 10. Virgins Goatlust 11. Sadogoat (Impaled Nazerene cover) 12. Morbid Cunt 13. Intro: Satanic Death Side 4 “Demo#6″ 2002 01. Outro: Nuclear Chaos 02. Goatlaw Radiation 03. World Without End 04. Baphometic Goat 05. Intro: Crypt Of Beherit Bonustracks 1998-2007 06. The Hategoat Massecre Killing (reh. 1998) 07. Von (drunken Von cover 2000) 08. Black Rites Of Goat Blood (unreleased demo 2001) 09. Nuclear Implosion (reh. 2003) 10. Pentagram Goat Rituals (reh. 2003) 11. Satanic Blood (Von cover 2007)

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