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Released by Silcharde Records and distributed by NWN!:

Akhkharu “Celebratum” CD
Rite 004

Akhkharu CD1

Highly enigmatic, Aeonic dark ritual ambient sound sculptures of a spiritually disturbing nature.
An audial ceremonial ritual temple of extreme Nightside Occult cosmology.

“Celebratum”, the long-awaited debut CD release of former Dark Age Productions and Ishnigarrab Recordings artist AKHKHARU, comprises remixed, remastered, as well as exclusive newly reworked material sourced from the DAT masters of the AKHKHARU project’s three scarce cassette releases, originally issued in 1995 and 1996.

The 73 minute audio CD comes factory sealed and includes a 12 page booklet of sigil artwork printed in metallic silver ink on Midnight Black paper with a unique, semi-translucent outer vellum cover.

*This CD was originally to be co-released with Full Moon Productions. As of 2012, FMP is now defunct; however, the FMP logo was still included in the CD booklet layout as an epitaph to the original intent.

Track listing:

1. Das Swartzen Orden Und Das Gesetzen
2. The Word Of The New Aeon: A Journey To The Still Center
3. Nos Dominari Noctus: The Dominions Of The Night
4. Invocatum Modus Quintus: The Typhonian Mantra
5. Ave Calix Sanguinis (Praise Be The Blood)
6. The Calling Of The Gateways That Dream In The Realms Of Mankind
7. Aossic Ba’el Ra Aossic: The Completion Of The Atavastic
8. De Arcanum Opus Noctium

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