Demonomancy “Throne of Demonic Proselytism” LP/CD Coming Soon

Demonomancy “Throne of Demonic Proselytism” LP/CD

Demono Zbigniew cover

The planets are aligned, the Premonition is carved in the eye of the prophet and the first part of
The Heptagrammaton Dualism is almost ready to be unleashed. Time and space are all one in the cryptic cult where God is created voluntarily, from his materialization to his abdication. A serpentine vortex of 7 phases leads to a prayer to methodical chaos. Unheartly forces feed the superstructure of hierarchy between men to ascend the THRONE OF DEMONIC PROSELYTISM.


1. Impious Revelation (Bestiality Prevails) 04:28
2. At the Great Gates to Black Doom 04:50

Demonomancy 2013 photo