Snakepit Mag #17 + Assassin demo 7″/12″ Out Now

Snakepit Mag #17 + Assassin “Demo 1985″ 2 song 7″ or 3 song 12″

Snakepit 17 7
snakepit 17 12

The beast still roars even if the process takes longer and longer. It doesn’t get heavier, it just stays… REAL METAL!!! Issue 17 is out featuring -hopefully- in depth interviews with the likes of ASSASSIN (U.S./CA), BACKWATER, BËEHLER, BURNER, COMMANDER (U.S./CA), DEATH (an exclusive feature you’ll never see anywhere else!), DEVASTATION (U.S./TX), ENFORCER (U.S./IL), EVIL, EXCITER, FATAL VIOLENCE, HAMMERON, KARION, KICK ASS mag, Rainforest Records, LEVIATHAN (U.S./NY), MAYHEM (U.S./IL), OVERKILL (U.S./NJ), RAT ATTACK, RIOT, RUTHLESS, SLAYER (U.S./TX), SORTILEGE, TRIAL and a bunch of reviews (so easy on criticism)!

The bonus vinyl single this time is from the band ASSASSIN featuring their ripping three song 1985 demo, a killer Power Metal assault in the early Bay Area fashion. Because there was no way to fit all three songs on a 7″, a limited run on 12″ format containing all three songs were pressed for the bay area thrash maniacs. The rest are on 7″ format and contain only two songs from the demo. All of them come with professionally printed Black and white double sided cover.

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