Chris Moyen Thorn Cross Book + Incantation/Archgoat LP Coming Soon

Chris Moyen’s Thorn Cross: Black Ink & Metal Book + Incantation/Archgoat “Reh/Live 1990 + Jesus Spawn Demo” LP

Moyen book cover
Incantation cover
Archgoat cover

NWN! Productions is proud to announce the impending release of “Chris Moyen’s Thorncross: Black Ink & Metal,” a 208-page book featuring a retrospective of pen and ink (all black and white) artwork by the inimitable underground illustrator, Chris Moyen. This will be a 12” x 12” hardbound book and will come with a bonus LP featuring two of the bands for which Moyen created some of his most highly regarded pieces: Archgoat and Incantation. The Archgoat side contains the band’s 1991 demo entitled, “Jesus Spawn.” Incantation’s side of the LP consists of the 1990 rehearsal demo as well as previously unreleased live recordings from the same year (Their very first gig!). More information will be announced at the time of release.

-208 pages
-12″x12″ hardbound book
-Incantation/Archgoat LP included with all copies
-Layout by Annick