Sabbat “Sabbatical EarlyearslaughT Shirt Series” Sept. TS and May TS Reprint Out Now

In preparation for the impending 30th Sabbatical year, NWN is counting down the days by unleashing a series of T Shirts. All Elizaveatian designs will be printed on Gildan brand TS and availabel in sizes S to XXL.

Printed in sizes S to XXL. Distributed in Europe by Iron Bonehead and in Japan by Record Boy.

Black Sept. TS (Two sided discharge ink printed Gildan brand black TS):
Sabbat Sept black TS
Black Sept. TS Detail:
Sabbat Sept black detail
White Sept. TS (Two sided plastisol ink printed Gildan brand White TS):
Sabbat white sept TS
White Sept. TS Detail:
Sabbat white sept detail
May Raglan TS Reprint (Plastisol printing on raglan TS):
Sabbat May Raglan
May Raglan TS Detail:
Sabbat raglan detail
Sabbatical T Shirt series flyer

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