Upcoming Releases on NWN

I have some updates on releases that are scheduled for the rest of 2009. This is not in exact chronological order yet. Some of these will most likely get pushed to 2010.

Bone Awl “meaningless leaning mess” LP repress is back. They printed the innersleeve from the first press files so it’s missing lyrics to one song. The vinyl itself is not missing anything however.

Master’s Hammer 4 x LP repress: These are coming back tonight. I’ll add them to the site tomorow.

Embrace of Thorns “atonement ritual” LP/CD: Test press for the LP has been approved as of last week. Both versions should be back in less than a month.

Pek “preaching evil” LP: This should be back in two to three weeks.

Reino Ermitano Double LP: Split release with Shadow Kingdom Records. We plan to send this to press in a few months.

Citizens Arrest “discography” DLP: I hope to send this to press soon-ish. Not really for metal people but some will like them. Late 80′s early 90′s NYHC with Daryl K. from Funebrarum.

Pseudostrattified Epithelum “into the flames” LP/CD will go to press in couple of months. LP version will be limited to 500 copies.

Stargazer/Sacriphyx split 7″ and 12″: Layouts and audio master are all done and ready to go to press. Hopefully the MH repress will raise enough money to send a bunch of these releases to press.

Proclamation “execration of cruel bestiality” LP/CD: Layout is being worked on right now. Audio master is expected to arrive here shortly.

Ignivomous new LP/CD: The album is recorded and mixed. The band is working on the layout right now.

Abigail new LP/CD: I just got the audio master in the mail today. The layout will be done in a few weeks.

Dead Congregation “purifying consecration ground” 12″: 12″ repress of the MCD. Yes I know it was already done on 10″ with balck/white cover. This version will have the full color cover as orginally intended. Layout was recently finished by Timo.

Evoke MLP: Brand new songs from these UK death metal oldies. Lim to 250 copies on black wax.

Miasmal demo MLP: I’m waiting for Jerry to finish up the layout and send the audio master. Split release with Detest. Limited to 250 copies on black wax.

Masacre “Ola de Violencia / Barbarie y Sangre en Memoria de Cristo” LP: Vinyl reissue of their first two EPs on one LP. Classic Colombian death metal recordings. Master audio and layout material are here. I just need to find the time to put them together.

Metalucifer “heavy metal bulldozer (Japanese version)” DLP: Layout and audio master are here. Not sure where this is in the production schedule. I might bump it up if Lou and Gezol wants me to. As far as I know I am only doing the Japanese vocals version.

The Satan’s Scourge: I’m supposed to release their debut album sometime in 2009 or early 2010. I still need to discuss more with the band.

Blasphemophagher new LP/CD: The band will start recording their second album in mid May and complete everything by early June.

Varathron “walpurgisnacht” LP: Reissue of their second album will be done first. I’m speaking to Stefan about doing their split with Necromantia and their demos/EP collection as well. His Majesty at the Swamp is on hold until internal band conflicts are sorted out.

Faustcoven vinyl versions: First two albums on vinyl. Both limited to 500 copies. I’m currently waiting for the cover artwork to be finished by the guy who did the second album cover artwork.

VON “satanic blood angel” Double LP/CD repress: I’m waiting on E. Watain to get back to me about layout work. This will be bumped up in the release schedule if layout gets done quickly.

Black Witchery “desecration of the holy kingdom” LP repress: 1000 copies with gatefold jacket and poster. Picture disk will also be done in lower qty.

+tons of other stuff that are still being worked out. I have several other surprises in the pipeline.