NWN Future Atrocities 2014

2014 should see these atrocities being committed by NWN.
* = at the press now

*Sabbat “Sabbatical Earlyearslaught” Boxset
*Sabbat “livEvil” 2 x DVD + Gezol’s notebook reproduction zine
Sabbat “Kill Fuck Jesus Christ” LP (KFJC Radio performance)
*Irkallian Oracle “Grave Ekstasis” LP and CD
*Abigail “Intercourse and Lust” LP and CD reissue
*Sadistik Exekution / Dave Slave’s Doomed and Disgusting Split 7″
Dave Slave’s Doomed and Disgusting “Satan’s Nightmare” LP
Nechbeyth “Blood.Axis.Domination” LP
Order From Chaos “Discography” Boxset
Nuclear Hammer 2nd LP/CD
Mefitic debut LP/CD
Black Feast demos LP/CD
Embrace of Thorns new album LP/CD
Deathroner 2nd LP/CD
Black Witchery / Revenge Split 12″ EP/MCD
Ill Omen 2nd LP/CD
Sacriphyx tbd EP
Ares Kingdom new album LP/CD
Abigail new album LP/CD
Death Worship debut MLP/CD
Proclamation LP represses
Goatlord “Reflections of the Solstice” LP/CD repress
Goatlord “The Last Sodomy of Mary” LP/CD repress
Goatlord “Demos” 3 x LP set with audio taken from original 4 track tapes instead of 3rd generation dubs.
Death Courier “Discography” DLP

Plus many others that are being organized.

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