Moonblood “From Hell” Boxset 2nd Press in Stock

Released by Iron Bonehead Germany and officially distributed in the Americas by NWN!
MOONBLOOD (Germany) “From Hell – The Years Of Heresy 1994 – 1999″ Anthology Vinyl Boxset
2014 2nd Pressing

Moonblood box photo

3x 12″LP
1x Picture Disc
1x 7″EP
8 Page Booklet
Each record comes in an own jacket with silver UV Gloss printing
Sturdy Cardboard Boxset with foil print

- …of lunar passion and sombre blood 12″LP
- Taste our german steel! 12″ Picture Disc w. Jacket
- Dusk Woerot 12″LP
- Templar’s penitence 12″LP
- Fullmoonwitchery 7″EP

Remastered by P. Engel at Temple Of Disharmony
Artwork & Arrangements by Mirko “Gaamalzagoth” Schmat


“…Of Lunar Passion And Sombre Blood” 12″LP

Recorded and mixed on the 8th & 9th of
August 1998 at Erzschlag Studio by Jan Bauer
and Moonblood. The mix appearing on this LP is
the first rough mix that was never used for any
later release.


- Swelling in darkness
- As a soul in the blazing banner of darkness
- The quest for the doctrines of might and wisdom
- Under the goatmoon
- These graves and wooden coffins are my realm
- Burning in hell

“Taste Our German Steel” 12″ Picture Disc with Jacket

The mix appearing on this LP is the second version
done by KATHARSIS. It is the same version that
later appeared on the first vinyl edition on
End All Life Records.
The song “Troglodytin” is from the same recording session
but only appeared on the “Black Metal Blitzkrieg” Compilation LP


- Embraced by lycanthrophy’s spell
- Sarg & Tod (part 2)
- Then came the silence
- Troglodytin
- Apocalyptic vision
- The angel’s lament
- A walk in the woods

“Dusk Woerot” 12″LP

Side A features the original “Dusk Woerot” recordings from
2000 recorded and mixed by KATHARSIS
Side B features 4-track rehearsal recordings recorded during
Spring/Autumn 1999


Dusk Woerot
- Chapter I
- Chapter II
- Chapter II
- Born to live in the shadows of damnation
- Celestial horsemen
- Sarg & Tod
- Sarg & Tod (part 2)
- Unfinished track

“Templar’s Penitence” 12″LP

Tracks 1-4 had been recorded on the 16th & 17th of
September 1995 and appeared originally on the
Split 7″ with NEMA, Split 7″ with ASSAKU and
UNDER THE PAGAN MOON Compilation CD as well
as bonus tracks on the “Blut & Krieg” Cassette Version.
Tracks 5 & 6 are 4 track rehearsal recordings recorded
during Spring/Autumn 1999.


- Moonstruck
- I am all
- Hordes of hate
- My evil soul
- Templars penitence
- Unfinished track

“Fullmoonwitchery” 7″EP

Both tracks had been recorded on the 22.09.1996
at Digan Tonstudio.
“Fullmoon Witchery” originally appeared on the
“Encyclopedia Pestilentia” Compilation CD


- Fullmoonwitchery
- Under the abyssic black wings of the 3rd angel

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