Villains “Never Abandon the Slut Train” CD Out Now

Villains “Never Abandon the Slut Train” CD

Villains never abandon CD

As the band approaches its tenth year in existence, Villains continues to explore the depths of debauchery on the band’s fourth full-length album. Just as the hangover induced by the release of 2011’s “Road to Ruin” is wearing off and the DTs set in, Villains delivers another sickening display of vile and reprehensible conduct with the sagely titled new album, “Never Abandon the Slut Train.” By now it is safe to say that, with its unique breed of “Street Metal,” Villains has established itself as the most prominent ambassador of urban depravity in the underground. Imbued with wanton contempt for the rigors of the social order, this album depicts the crude ardor of vice and alcoholic obsession. “Never Abandon the Slut Train” is easily the most consistent and focused Villains recording to date in terms of both composition and production. As with the band’s previous releases, the Villains sound is not easily categorizable as the band incorporates various elements of Black, Death, Thrash, and Heavy metal. Villains ascribes to no regimented formula, selecting, instead, the appropriate tools for the appropriate purposes. The end result is simply a phenomenal Metal record without conforming to the tropes and rules confining the various metal subgenres. Every riff on this album is drenched in disdain for the sobriety of day and a reverence for the Dionysian decadence and unbridled destruction heralded by night’s call. Villains’ music dwells in that span of hours devoid of memory during which ambition manifests itself in the handing out of unrestrained chin-checks and the indiscriminate hunt for feminine submission until the haze of morning reveals the broken remnants of the night’s revelry.

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