Hatespawn “Abyssic Conquerors” LP In Stock Now

2013 release by Sepulchral Voice Records Germany.

Hatespawn “Abyssic Conquerors” LP

Hatespawn LP

Gatefold cover, printed innersleeve and huge poster.

Both cult demos of Germany´s deadliest on a great looking vinyl version. Black magic DEATH METAL…archaic, morbid & sinister. “Abyssic Conquerors” exactly evokes the same atmosphere as back in the days when Death Metal still was dangerous, dark, merciless and not just a mass-entertainment. This one comes from Hell!

“Ascent from the Kingdom Below” was recorded on 8-track at RMK, August 25, 2007.”Blasphemous Redeemer” was recorded and mixed in 2012. All music and lyrics by Hatespawn except “Hellspawn”, written & originally performed by Morbid Angel in 1986 and “Prayers of Hell”, by Acheron.

1. Exterminate the Altar of Lies / Death Cult 05:38
2. Abyssic Conquerors 03:37
3. Prayers of Hell (Acheron Cover) 02:48
4. Visions – Ascent from the Kingdom Below 04:07
5. Alliance of the Unholy Trinity 03:40
6. Sinister Litanies… 01:56 instrumental
7. Anno Armageddon 01:56 instrumental
8. Nocturn – The Word That Turns Flesh into Light 03:13
9. Reign ov Serpent, Wolve & Man 00:27 instrumental
10. Blasphemous Redeemer – One World, One Voice, One Will 03:40
11. Procession of Sinful Ascension 01:04 instrumental
12. Deus Absconitus 04:40
13. Gateways to Forgotten Depths 00:39 instrumental
14. Hellspawn (Morbid Angel cover) 02:45
15. Sinister Glorification 01:56 instrumental

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