Sabbat “Born by Evil Blood” TS + Tapestry + Patch Combo Out Now

The shirt were reprinted due to high demand and is now available as a combo pack. Save $6 by buying all three together!

Sabbat BBEB combo pack
4″ woven patch:
Sabbat BBEB patch
36″x36″ cloth tapestry:
Sabbat BBEB flag

Sabbat “Born By Evil Blood – Jan” TS

Sabbat Jan spread
Sabbat Jan detail
Sabbatical cake

The iconic second 7″ cover in all its glory reproduced as discharge ink printing on Gildan brand TS. This is probably the best shirt from the series along with the May 2013 raglan shirt.

It is now the 30th Sabbatical year! NWN is celebrating this special year by unleashing a new series of high quality Sabbat merchandise. All Elizaveatian designs will be printed on Gildan brand TS and availabel in sizes S to XXL. Distributed in Europe by Iron Bonehead, and in Japan by Record Boy.

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