Morbosidad “Morbosidad” LP Out Now

Morbosidad “Morbosidad” LP

Morbosidad st LP cover
Morbosidad st LP back cover
Regular black vinyl version:
Morboso st LP reg
Mexican flag band version. Only available from the band:
Morboso st LP mex
Die Hard splatter vinyl version for the first 100 orders:
Morboso st die hard LP splatter
Die Hard red vinyl version:
Morboso st die hard red
Die hard version patch and sticker:
Morboso st LP patch and sticker

(Description by J. Campbell)
One of the first records NWN! released was Morbosidad’s magnificent blasphemic self-titled opus and the relationship between NWN! and Morbosidad has endured for more than a decade. Although Morbosidad formed in 1993, the band only released two demos before the death of drummer Yegros forced the band into a torpor that lasted for several years until Tomas Stench reassembled a line-up to record what would become the band’s debut album. Recorded in 1998 and originally released in 2000 on Quadrivium, it was only available on CD and featured garish, unsuitable cover artwork. Within a year of beginning NWN! Productions, YK Insulter approached the band about re-issuing the album on vinyl with new artwork. Finding an old flyer for a show at which Morbosidad played, YK Insulter, using a photocopy machine and white-out, managed to isolate a small image along the border of the flyer and blow it up into what would become the iconic cover of Morbosidad’s self-titled release. The image became representative of both the band’s and label’s aesthetics. Morbosidad’s first album represented a sonic departure in some ways from the demo material released many years prior. The lineup for the LP was among the most stable in the band’s history included guitarist Chip N’ Death whose idiosyncratic riffs and distinct Death Metal style were integral to the band’s formula at that time. Bassist Cuaxo provided a merciless anchor while the precision of Morthvarg’s furious drumming maintained the band’s frenetic pace. Amid the chaos, Tomas Stench’s vocals, among the most immediately recognizable in this style of metal, roared unholy incantations delivered in his native Spanish. With this assembly of musicians, Morbosidad unleashed an album of savage violence invoking bands such as Blasphemy, Archgoat, and Sarcofago fused with elements of Death/Grind and simultaneously channeling primary influences like Sodom and Bathory. In the intervening years, Morbosidad’s legacy has grown and morphed. As the Bestial Black/Death style evolved through the past decade and Morbosidad has continued to release music and tour and play gigs in Europe, Mexico, Central America and Canada, the band’s influence has grown so that, by now, the self-titled album is indisputably in the canon of this sub-genre of underground metal. An album so significant with the catalog of both the band and the label as well as broadly influential should remain available. For that reason, NWN! proudly announces the reissue of this classic LP that remains one of the finest moments in the history of underground metal.

-Regular version black vinyl with gatefold jacket and A2 poster.
-Die Hard version colored vinyl with gatefold jacket, A2 poster, sticker and patch.
-Band version “Mexican Flag” vinyl with gatefold jacket and A2 poster. This version is only available from the band’s website.

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