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New album from the Norwegian duo, this version has the complete tracks with the extra guitars that wasn’t included in the cd version, expect raw traditional Norwegian BM at its best. 3 color versions, black, white/black(a side b side) and blue limited to 150 copies each including a 12 page silverprint booklet.

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KLP 022/KCD 021: ISVIND – 1993-1994 Demos
Including the 2 infamous and rare demos from Isvind , Nivelheimen and Herskerinnen harsh and primal black metal for the first time officially released with the best audio sources.
LP comes in 3 colors, Black, Grey and Transparent limited to 150 copies each

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11 years after, Onyx available again in LP. LP comes in 3 colors, Black, Silver and White/Grey ( a side b side) including a 12 page silverprint booklet and poster + 1 bonus track.

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KLP017: ARCTURUS “Aspera Hiems Symfonia” LP
One of the pioneer albums from the mid 90′s for the first time on deluxe LP, including an early version of the Bodkin track as bonus track, silverprint 8 page booklet and poster. All sound sources and artwork are taken from the original masters and we have added as bonus many unreleased trax and fotos making these releases the most complete version to date. Limited to 300 units each color, Black, Green/Black and Blue/White.

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