Satan “Into the Fire” LP+7″ Repress in Stock Now

Satan “Into the Fire” LP+7″
Released by Buried by Time and Dust Records and officially distributed by NWN!

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Every self respecting metal head knows and recognizes the ultra classic of Satan’s Court in the Act lp as one of the greatest metal records of all time(Save for Popoff). Maybe fewer know that much of the record was already written and demo’d with Ian Swift on vocals(of Avenger) prior to Brian Ross stepping in. The Into the Fire Demo stands among the finest NWOBHM Demos ever recorded! Originally released only on tape in 1982 this is the first vinyl version of the demo. As bonus tracks, included are Oppression and The Executioner from the 1981 Demo/Roxcaliber compilation. A separate bonus 7″ is also included with the other two demo tracks from 1981 as a reproduction of the Kiss of Death single.
Also included is an eight page booklet(12×12)with demo tape artwork/early articles/Roxcalibur art etc and unreal pictures showing an incredibly young Satan caught in the act of Church and Grave desecration! The package finishes off with an A2 size gig poster with an original Satan gig poster artwork. Simply essential.

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