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SWARþ “Omines Pestilentiae” Gatefold Double 12″LP + 8 Page Booklet
- 350gsm Gatefold Jacket With Matt Varnish & Inside Flooded In Black
- 2x 140g Black Vinyl
- 8 Page A5 Booklet On 300gsm Matt Paper
- Limited To 500 Copies
SWARÞ are the embodiment of “obscure,” in all senses of the word. No info is known about the band – their membership, location of origin beyond “international,” even their year of origin – nor do any photos exist of the band. More importantly, their sound is obscure: across three recordings released during 2012 and 2013, this enigmatic maw of sound have secretly built a defiant form of blackened death metal as miasmic as it is magisterial, and infinitely hypnotizing like no other. Absolute ritualism, SWARÞ’s two demos – 2012′s self-titled demo and the following year’s Tayl is Deeþ Þurgh Þyn Envenymynge – are collected with the Mors Rex Salvator Hominum tape EP as a double-vinyl LP entitled Omines Pestilentiae. Fittingly released by underground-metal mavericks IRON BONEHEAD PRODUCTIONS, the 2LP Omines Pestilentiae will be presented in a gatefold edition of 500 copies, including an eight-page booklet. A tome/tomb like no other, open/enter SWARÞ’s Omines Pestilentiae and lose/find the Shadow Self… (description by Nathan T. Birk)

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HADES ARCHER / SLAUGHTBBATH (Chile) “Circus of Abominations/Antichristos Thanatos” 12″ Split-LP
- 300gsm Cardboard Jacket With Reverse Side Print & Inside Flooded In Black
- 140g Black Vinyl
- 4 Page Insert On 250gsm Matt Art Paper
- Exclusive Songs By Each Band
- Limited To 500 Copies
Two of Chile’s finest, foulest black/death barbarians, HADES ARCHER and SLAUGHTBBATH unite for a special split LP courtesy of underground metal vanguard IRON BONEHEAD PRODUCTIONS. Each band occupies their own side of this limited-edition vinyl LP, and each is titled accordingly: HADES ARCHER with Circus of Abominations, and SLAUGHTBBATH with Antichristos Thanatos. HADES ARCHER’s side is appropriately titled, as the band who brought you the infamous Penis Metal EP blasts forth with a five-pronged attack of throbbing, pulsing bestiality that’s as hypnotic as it is harrowing, perverse as it is punishing. On their side, SLAUGHTBBATH dive deeper into the mysteries of the occult, and conjure forth a whirlwind of death energy that positively reeks of sulfur, sacrilege, and salaciousness. Once again, South American darkness rises to devour the light, and IRON BONEHEAD is there at the frontlines. (description by Nathan T. Birk)

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INFERNAL CURSE (Argentina) “The End Upon Us” 12″MLP
- 300gsm Cardboard Jacket With Gloss Print & Inside Flooded In Black
- 140g Black Vinyl & Picture Disc
- Insert On 250gsm Gloss Art Paper
- A2 Poster On 150gsm Art Paper
- Exclusive Songs For This Release
- Guest Vocals By Erick Nyra Of Goat Semen Covering Hadez
- Limited To 500 Copies (400x Black Vinyl & 100x Picture Disc)
The End Upon Us…so proclaim Argentinean black/death cult INFERNAL CURSE with their new 12″ MLP. Across four swift slices of barbaric bestiality, this power-trio paints a vivid portrait of a future most fatal. Explosions of subharmonic riff, drums driven with animalistic abandon, sepulchral voices
plumbing the depths of the abyss, and chaotic leads divebombing into and out of the metaphysical carnage: here, INFERNAL CURSE up-ratchet all the aspects that made their Awakening of the Damned debut so deadly, rendering The End Upon Us a study in deeply occult savagery. This is The End Upon Us…
(description by Nathan T. Birk)

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BÖLZER (Switzerland) “Aura” 12″MLP RE-PRESS
- 350g Reverside Board Jacket With Gold & Silver Print And
Inner Pocket Flooded In Gold.
- 140g C.M.E. Clear Vinyl
- 350g Insert With Gold & Silver Print
- 3 New Studio Songs With A Playing Time Of 23 Minutes
- Artwork By Alexander Brown/BNB
- Limited To 1000 Copies

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