Sabbat “Sabbatical Earlyearslaught” Die Hard VII Boxset Out Now!

Sabbat “Sabbatical Earlyearslaught” Boxset Die Hard Version II

Although it was not originally planned as a separate edition of the Sabbatical Earlyearslaught release, this Die Hard VII box set was conceived of due to damage during overseas transit to 175 of the metal boxes used for the original editions. As many know, these metal boxes sat untouched in storage for years, awaiting the arrival of the 30th Sabbatical year, and therefore this damage was unnoticed until the recent release of the VI box set. Since it was impossible to redo such a relatively small number of these metal boxes four years after they were initially manufactured, the most practical alternative was to have paper case-wrapped boxes made to replace the damaged metal ones. Also, due to the fact that the Die Hard V1 box sets sold out much faster than anticipated, it was decided that the four bonus LPs from the original Die Hard would be repressed and included in the second version, this time as picture discs (in part because there was no possibility of repressing only 175 jackets for regular LPs). As with the first edition Die Hard box set, this second version includes the 2xDVD, patch, sticker, and poster flag (albeit with a totally different design). Please note that the higher price for the VII box set is due to the increased manufacturing cost for the limited run of picture discs and case-wrapped boxes.

Black cloth bound casewrapped box with two color foil stamp:
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 photo IMG_9174_zpsa7ba7a7d.jpg
 photo IMG_9173_zpscf252979.jpg
 photo IMG_9176_zps280c6eff.jpg
Die Hard Version VII:
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 photo IMG_9182_zps3cf1e1c3.jpg
 photo IMG_9177_zps4d78af1a.jpg
 photo IMG_9178_zpsbb65f1ea.jpg
Timeline poster:
 photo IMG_8173_zps2abbe66f.jpg
Otherside of poster:
 photo IMG_8175_zpse0dc7063.jpg
140 page hardbound book:
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 photo IMG_7783_zps283e21f5.jpg
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 photo IMG_7788_zpsad5fefcf.jpg
Regular version:
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(Description by J. Campbell)
The history of Sabbat is entirely unique within the underground metal scene. No other band rivals Sabbat in terms of longevity, consistency, and dedication. While the musical history of Sabbat’s members extends back even further, the commonly accepted point of origin for the band was in 1984 when Gezol along with drummer Valvin and guitarists, Elizaveat and Ozny, having previously operated under the name Evil, changed their name to Sabbat. The next year the band recorded, produced, and released its first EP. Influenced by more sinister strains of underground heavy metal and decidedly evil and Satanic imagery, Sabbat endeavored to push metal to its logical extreme and, as a result, Sabbat is among those few bands that ushered in the first wave of Black Metal. Released in 1985, the self-titled 7” contained early versions of “Mion’s Hill” and “Black Fire.” As relevant today as when they were first released, these songs remain staples of the Sabbat catalog – a testament to the durability of Sabbat’s sound through the decades. Although Sabbat continunally pushes the boundaries of their style (see, for instance, 1996’s “The Dwelling” album, which consists of one 60 minute epic track), they also display a certain conservatism in their approach which has resulted in Sabbat’s refusal to deviate from its established sound and aesthetic. Such conservatism is rooted in Gezol’s and the other members’ complete devotion to Metal as a genre of music and as a lifestyle. Their music emanates from this total passion for Metal. For the last 30 years, Sabbat has remained the most prolific and authentic Black Metal band in the world. In 2011, Sabbat released its ninth proper full-length entitled “Sabbatrinity,” which fell perfectly in line with the other releases in the Sabbat catalog despite the recent addition of Damiazell on guitar following Temis Osmond’s departure in 2005. Until that time, Sabbat had suffered no line-up changes since 1990. In fact, there have only been eight official members of Sabbat, an astonishing feat for such an active and long-lasting underground band. It goes without saying that Sabbat could have signed to a much bigger label and exploited their sound, which very likely would have garnered them greater monetary success and widespread popularity. One of the most important facets of Sabbat’s identity, however, is the band’s commitment to the underground. Throughout the years Sabbat has either self-released or turned to reputable underground labels (most often Germany’s legendary Iron Pegasus label) for their more prominent works as well as allowing countless smaller labels the opportunity to release some of the hundreds of rehearsal or live recordings the band has made. Gezol continues to keep his day job, refusing to treat Sabbat as a job or career because, to do so, would violate the principles upon which the band is based. This incorruptibility ensures the continued quality and integrity of Sabbat’s music. Refusing to compromise in this regard, Sabbat has truly earned its place in Black Metal history. In honor of Sabbat’s 30 year anniversary, Nuclear War Now! Productions presents the most extensive collection to date of Sabbat’s earliest material from the band’s inception to the 1991 release of the debut full-length, “Envenom.” For the last four years, NWN! has worked closely with Gezol and other Sabbat members to assemble the most thorough record of the band’s development. All of Sabbat’s five early EP’s are included. Some of Sabbat’s original “tape only” releases are also featured in this box including the “Bloody Countess” tape, which was released in the early 1990s, but features a selection of tracks recorded at SK Hall in the mid-1980s and the “Sabbatical Demon” demo released in 1990. In addition to these seminal recordings, this box includes the “Rough Mix Version” of the “Envenom” album that the band released on tape in the mid-1990s as well as some of the band’s earliest rehearsal recordings. Accompanying the six LPs is a 140-page hardbound book featuring previously unseen photos, notes, and biographical material. The Die Hard edition explores the depths of Sabbatical history, assembling four additional LPs featuring the extant material from pre-Sabbat projects such as Hot Rod (Iron Maiden cover band) and Evil (Venom cover band) as well as additional early rehearsal and live material culled from Gezol’s personal tape collection.

Regular Version (still available): 6 x LP, 140 page hardbound book, double sided A2 poster.

Die Hard Version II: 6 x LP, 4 x Pic LP, 140 page hardbound book, double sided A2 poster, 36″x36″ tapestry of the first EP cover, 2 x DVD + Gezol’s notebook reproduction, patch and sticker.

 photo IMG_7434_zpsc8cc8440.jpg
 photo IMG_7435_zpsc749752a.jpg

Sabbat / Born by Evil Blood / Desecration
LP 1
A1: Black Fire1
A2: Mion’s Hill1
A3: Satanic Rites – Curdle the Blood2
B1: Poison Child2
B2: Welcome to Sabbat – Crest of Satan3
B3: Children of Hell3
B4: Darkness and Evil3

 photo IMG_7432_zps9ed24d8b.jpg
 photo IMG_7433_zps37bf1afa.jpg

The Devil’s Sperm is Cold / The Seven Deadly Sins / Sabbatical Demon
LP 2
A1: Immortality of the Soul4
A2: Hellfire4
A3: Possessed the Room (Kanashibari)5
A4: Sacrifice of Angel5
B1: Crying in Last5
B2: Witch’s Mill6
B3: Black Fire6
B4: Rage of Mountains6
B5: Mion’s Hill6

 photo IMG_7430_zps2a722bc6.jpg
 photo IMG_7431_zpsc8390db7.jpg

Bloody Countess
LP 3
A1: Splatter
A2: Bring me the Head of Satan
A3: Bloody Countess
A4: Panic in the Head
A5: Poison Child
B1: Madara No Tamago
B2: Children of Hell
B3: Kanashibari
B4: Bloody Countess

 photo IMG_7428_zps78630d2f.jpg
 photo IMG_7429_zpsebea90cb.jpg

Envenom Rough Mix
LP 4
A1: Satan Bless You
A2: Reek of Cremation
A3: Devil Worship
A4: Eviler
A5: Deathtemptation
B1: The Sixth Candle
B2: King of Hell
B3: Carcassvoice
B4: Dead March
B5: Evil Nations

 photo IMG_7445_zps18a3ddde.jpg
 photo IMG_7446_zps38162c87.jpg

Asai Cleaning 2F Rehearsal
LP 5
A1: Welcome to Sabbat
A2: Panic in the Head
A3: Bring me the Head of Satan
A4: Wolfman
A5: Children of Hell
B1: Black Fire
B2: Mion’s Hill
B3: Headbanging
B4: C.D.E.
B5: C.D.E. (Take 2)
B6: Welcome to Sabbat

 photo IMG_7441_zps69ff8940.jpg
 photo IMG_7442_zps9e5fe1da.jpg

Unreleased and Alternate Takes
LP 6
A1: Headbanging (Version 1 Mix 4)7
A2: Headbanging (Version 2 Mix 2)7
A3: Madara No Tamago (Mix 3)7
A4: Kanashibari7
B1: Satan Bless You (Mix 2)8
B2: Evil Nations (Fade Out)8
B3: Satan Bless You (Fade Out)8
B4: Lady Lust9
B5: Welcome to Hell9
B6: Panic in the Head9

 photo IMG_9159_zps07ea714f.jpg
 photo IMG_9160_zpsa8e0b7c9.jpg

Hot Rod – The Kuwana City Tapes
A1: Iron Maiden
A2: Sanctuary
A3: Prowler
A4: Remember Tomorrow
A5: Another Life
B1: Killers
B2: Prowler
B3: Transilvania
B4: Iron Maiden
B5: Sanctuary

 photo IMG_9161_zps4c41032e.jpg
 photo IMG_9162_zps0d482399.jpg

Evil – Welcome to Sabbat
A1: Black Metal
A2: To Hell and Back
A3: Countess Bathory
B1: Sacrifice
B2: Welcome to Hell
B3: In League With Satan

 photo IMG_9163_zps13e4e055.jpg
 photo IMG_9164_zpsd45bf9ba.jpg
 photo IMG_9164_zpsd45bf9ba.jpg
SK Hall Rehearsals
A1: Panic in the Head
A2: Kanashibari
A3: Immortality of the Soul
A4: Splatter
B1: Welcome to Sabbat
B2: Immortality of the Soul – Sound Check
B3: Panic in the Head
B4: Splatter
B5: Kanashibari

 photo IMG_9165_zps9b2c343f.jpg
 photo IMG_9166_zps04ea56b1.jpg

Death Live Geion June 8th 1986
A2: Welcome to Sabbat
A3: Splatter
A4: Bloody Countess
B1: Intro of C.O.H.
B2: Kanashibari
B3: Black Fire
B4: Mion’s Hill

1 Sabbat 7″
2 Born by Evil Blood 7″
3 Desecration 7″
4 The Devil’s Sperm Is Cold 7″
5 The Seven Deadly Sins 7″
6 Sabbatical Demon Demo
7 Unreleased 80′s recordings
8 Alternate Envenom Mix
9 Live Aug 19th 1984 Kuwana City Hall

LPs 7-10: Included in Die Hard version only


SABBAT “Sabbatical Earlyearslaught” DVD 1

Yokkaichi Culture Hall / Mie – 11th May 1986
Line Up: Gezol (B,Vo), Elizaveat (G), Ozny (G), Samm (Dr)

1. Kanashibari
2. Black Fire
3. Mion’s Hill
Nagoya Castle / Nagoya – 3rd August 1986
Line Up: Gezol (B,Vo), Elizaveat (G), Ozny, (G)Samm (Dr)

1. Black Fire

Huck Finn / Nagoya – 2nd May 1989
Line Up: Gezol (B), Zorugelion (Dr), Barraveat (G), Possessed Hammer (Vo)

1. Satanic Rites – Crest of Satan
2. Darkness and Evil
3. Kanashibari
4. Black Fire

All footage taken from Gezol’s Sabbatical Archives
Produced by NWN! Productions and Justine Media Productions


SABBAT “Sabbatical Earlyearslaught” DVD 2

Yanta Rockmaykan / Osaka – 5th April 1987
Line Up: Gezol (B,Vo), Elizaveat (G), Samm (Dr)

1. Intro
2. Satanic Rites – Curdle the Blood
3. Poisonchild
4. Long Way to the Beyond
5. Crest of Satan
6. Welcome to Hell
7. Mion’s Hill
8. Immortality of the Soul
9. Black Fire

All footage taken from Gezol’s Sabbatical Archives
Produced by NWN! Productions and Justine Media Productions

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