Doomed and Disgusting “Satan’s Nightmare” LP Out Now

Dave Slave’s Doomed and Disgusting “Satan’s Nightmare” LP

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(Description by J. Campbell)
Dave Slave, one of the underground’s most unquestionably enigmatic and underappreciated figures, reemerges from a long torpor with the third full-length from his Doomed and Disgusting project called “Satan’s Nightmare.” Although he remains one of the masters of his trade, Slave has maintained an unassuming position in the scene for years. His music, it is apparent, is not manufactured for the listener and his unbalanced character not a feigned act of Black Metal theater. His solitary focus upon producing the music he wants to make with no regard for rules or customs is precisely the reason it is so compelling. Well known for his wicked virtuosity exhibited as part of the legendary band, Sadistik Exekution, Slave’s solo approach is very different, but no less unique. Sadistik Exekution delivered some of the most frantic and tumultuous tracks ever recorded. The collision of minds in the band, as deranged as they were talented, produced a body of work that has never been surpassed in terms of its raw tempestuous fury. Slave’s solo project, Doomed and Disgusting, is no less twisted, but explores entirely different sonic territory in the service of the dark arts. Primarily focusing upon midpaced doom, this project reflects hints of Hellhammer, Goatlord, and Doom Snake Cult, but truly sounds like nothing else. The versatile songwriting, precisely defined guitar tone, wretched and mysterious vocals, and the application of subtle details such as occasional, well-placed keyboards distinguish this album from the usual boring banality of Doom Metal.

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