Leftover NWN Fest Pic LPs at Iron Bonehead

Iron Bonehead has the last remaining copies of the Fest picture LPs available for sale through his webstore. All of these were limited to 100 copies each and comes with a fest jacket and insert.

 photo FestLP-Cover_zpsc1083d0b.jpg

(SOLD OUT) Nocturnus “The Science of Horror” Pic LP (Collection of both demos from the 80′s)
 photo Nocturnus-A_zpsd5c7bef0.jpg
 photo Nocturnus-B_zps8a4eda83.jpg

Embrace of Thorns “Darkness Impenetrable” Pic LP (Brand new studio album not yet released on any other format!)
 photo EmbraceofThorns-A_zps21ae41e5.jpg
 photo EmbraceofThorns-B_zps57d25963.jpg

Varathron “Walpurgisnacht” Pic LP (Second classic Greek black metal on pic LP format for the first time ever)
 photo Varathron-A_zps3c3e409c.jpg
 photo Varathron-B_zpsa5bb1d2a.jpg

Death Courier “Demise” Pic LP (Cult Greek death metal pioneer’s only album put on pic LP format for the first time ever)
 photo DeathCourier-A_zpsf1d960c0.jpg
 photo DeathCourier-B_zps0448ae1b.jpg

Irkallian Oracle “Grave Ekstasis” Pic LP (Highly accaimed occult death metal from Sweden. Limited pic LP version)
 photo IrkallianOracle-A_zps101134d7.jpg
 photo IrkallianOracle-B_zps0ac0023a.jpg

Bestial Raids “Prime Evil Damnation” Pic LP (Second album of Polish bestial black metal. Marko Marov’s killer art works perfectly in pic LP format)
 photo BestialRaids-A_zpsa0d62476.jpg
 photo BestialRaids-B_zps5570e44c.jpg

Katechon “Demos” Pic LP (Collection of all previous demos on one pic LP. First time ever on vinyl format since the sold out tapes)
 photo Katechon-A_zpsceb276fd.jpg
 photo Katechon-B_zps9e95baa3.jpg

Impurity “The Lamb’s Fury MMXIV” Pic LP (25th anniversary re-recording of the classic Lamb’s Fury album with the latest line up. This is a one time pressing and will never be put on vinyl again.)
 photo Impurity-A_zps275f0c88.jpg
 photo Impurity-B_zpsf07e585e.jpg