Order From Chaos “Frozen in Steel” Boxset Reviews

Check out what the fans are saying about the OFC boxset. Read more on the NWN Message Board.

“This boxset looks HIGHLY impressive, the contents are even more so.” Kapalika

“I got mine yesterday! This boxset is so great! I’ll start listening to it tomorrow with some got drinks.” Hellstrike

“As beautiful as I had imagined. This is probably my favourite release of all I own. Congratulations.” LuiSlayer

“Got my die hard this friday and goddamn its one impressive piece.” junko

“Really topped my expectations. Really amazing… Even the booklet looked brilliant, I just can’t wait to read it from cover to cover.” Tireheb

“The box completely exceeded my expectations, even after seeing photos of the release. Every detail down to a tiny amount of excess gold particles from the stamping infusing the cloth casewrapping has an absolutely perfect and classic look and feel.” Saevus

“holy shit… i’ve spent the past 3 hours so far just picking it apart, reading the book, listening to a few sides. this is undoubtedly one of the coolest things i own, and not just talking about records. a true homage to such a monumental band… could not have turned out any better.” blackarts

“The Book is great I didn’t know it was going to be that big I was just expecting a few flyers and pictures.” Vapula

“the box is amazing, really satisfied and this was my most anticipated reléase ever!” mucupurulent cuntkiller

“Simply amazing in every sense possible.” Gia Thanatos

“Enjoying the book a lot and spinning Dawn Bringer first! Amazing job as expected!!!” Funestus

“Hooooly fuck is this thing huge. Cannot wait to digest it. The shirts came out fantastic as well.” morfumax

“This thing is incredible. Everyone involved should be proud, what a magnificent achievement!!! I’m on LP 1 so far and just blown away!!!!” holy ghost

“started with Crushed Infamy and got through Stillbirth Machine and some of the demo tracks, this box is fucking incredible, visually and audibly!” Kranholio

“This is definitely one of the coolest releases I’ve ever acquired. Been jamming the demos on repeat constantly. Thanks for putting this monument out!” cdan

“I can’t even put words together on how….. Don’t miss out!” VergonJosh

“It’ll take a while to digest it all but I think it’s safe to say it was worth every penny and worth the seemingly endless wait. Bravo to all involved!” Drink.Vomit.Repeat.

“Have to say this is the most impressed I’ve ever been with a music release.” LazerBeast

“KILLER package! Just killer.” ironearache

“Another quality release…thanks NWN!” DevilAries

“Words do not do this juggernaut justice, it’s absolutely mind blowing.” black aspirin

“Got it today (the die hard version) and just speechless. Cannot imagine anything better than this amazing release. Wouldn’t even hesitate to say that it’s probably the greatest release I will ever own in my collection Shocked No wonder it took years to complete this monster” Naekrospavvn

“Finally worked through all 12 LPs. Just incredible.” MortalCoil

“I’m struggling for the words to describe how impressive this release is. There is nothing in my collection that rivals this box set in terms of its breadth, attention to detail, and quality of the music and information presented within.” ill omen

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