Mythos “Moulded in Clay” 10″ In Stock

Nuclear Winter Records presents:
MYTHOS “Moulded In Clay” 10″ EP

mythos cover
mythos spread

Relentless violence fron the early days of Finnish Death Metal: brutality the northern way for those into early Impaled Nazarene, Belial, Abhorrence, Demigod…
“The band’s first demo tape was recorded at Tico-Tico; Kemi`s finest studio, during march `93 in 2 days and within 20 hours. It contained 5 tracks and an introduction by Jukka Valppu and Kimmo Korkala. Only 250 copies were printed at that time and they were sold in no time. Many people still prefer the as the roughest and best release of Finnish Death Metal… Now for the first time after 16 years it’s being released on a limited edition 10″MLP, also including one song from the same recording session which was never used in the demo!”
Limited to 400 copies on black vinyl with jacket and insert.

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