Volahn “Dimensiones del Trance Kosmico” LP in Stock


Out now on Klaxon Records. Volahn “Dimensiones del Trance Kosmico” LP (KLX-016) An instant classic. Black metal of the truest spirit. Volahn makes their first statement in music, and the voice virtually silences everything else. It is familiar, deep – what is said has a necessary and true meaning. Anyone who experienced Volahn on their recent US Tour knows what to expect: black metal that competes on every level. You can hear that the music is created with the utmost taste and knowledge of what makes black metal effective. Here you have influences from early Dodheimsgard and Blut Aus Nord, Les Legiones Noires, Ulver, Xibalba, as well as Ashdautas and the other Black Twilight related projects from Long Beach area in California. Although the wide range of inspiration creates a diverse form of black metal, the execution is concise and done with masterful technicality. Volahn are also effective in transcending the context from which they come. The music is recorded in 2008 but sounds of an ancient spirit that has faded long ago. The music is contemporary, but it is lyrically concerned with ancient cultures, rituals, and a time when the spirit world was only a knife or drug away. The music is new, but it will mean the same thing now as it did then, in 4 hours, and in ten years. Rest assured that in listening to ‘Dimensiones’ you are listening to timeless black metal. The heavy weight LP comes in a handsome all black with silver print jacket. Included are insert and album poster.

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