V/A No Speed Limit 8 x MC Boxset 2nd Pressing Out Now

V/A No Speed Limit 8 x MC Boxset

The first pressing sold out so quickly that we had to do a second pressing right away to satisfy the rabid fans of Québécois speed metal. The second pressing was done completely identical to the first.

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(Description by C. Conrad)
Although Quebec is perhaps best known nowadays in underground metal for its current crop of “Métal Noir Québécois” bands, its historical significance is much more linked to the unique thrash/speed metal pioneers Voïvod than any other single band. Between the band’s inception in 1982 and the more progressive evolution that they began to develop in earnest with the release of the 1987 album, “Killing Technology”, Voïvod relied predominately on a recipe that combined the speed and songwriting prowess of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal with the raw aggression of hardcore punk. While Voïvod is the most famous Québécois band to have embraced this formula, several lesser-known bands of a similar ilk prospered in their shadow, and while Voïvod are certain to be considered the patriarchs of Quebec’s speed/thrash metal scene, bands such as Voor, Aggression, Obliveon, Soothsayer, and more adopted their general approach — tweaking the original blueprint just enough to establish their own worthy identities.

As part of its Québec Metal series and in a continued effort to call well-deserved attention to this Canadian region’s important contributions from the era, Nuclear War Now! is pleased to release the “No Speed Limit” box set, a collection of eight cassettes of essential – but often overlooked – Québécois demo replicas from this great scene. As it would have been certain to do if all included bands had shared the same live stage at the same event, Voïvod headlines this release with its “No Speed Limit – Iron Gang Fanclub Live Demo” from 1986, which was recorded live at the No Speed Limit festival, alongside the likes of bands such as Aggression, Sacrifice and D.R.I. Another primary highlight is the Obliveon “Whimsical Uproar” 1987 recording, which is simply one of the best demos to ever emerge from the region, characterized by more notable European influences, brief glimpses of deathrash, and a very strong production value. Along with Voïvod and Obliveon, the two other bands in this collection to have recorded official full-length albums were Soothsayer and Aggression, the latter of whose thrashing speed metal, as captured on their “Demo #1 1987,” perfectly represents the unique Quebec style of the era. Soothsayer’s “To Be a Real Terrorist” 1986 demo is also included, as is the Voor “Evil Metal 1985” demo, both of which were previously released on vinyl LP format as previous installments in NWN!’s Québec Metal series. Additionally, this collection features demos from several bands that never diluted their potency under the pretense of a need to record a full-length album. Among these are the Outrage “Buried Pieces 1984-1986 Demos,” the Treblinka “Trials of War” demo from 1987, and the “Thrash Till Death 1987” demo from Vensor, whose vicious, Venomish black thrash is soon to be reissued by NWN! on vinyl and CD formats as well.

This entire project was initiated and primarily executed by Ottawa native but long-time stalwart of the Quebec metal underground, Annick Giroux, who obtained the best audio sources possible from the bands themselves with the help of Quebec journalist Félix B. Desfossés. Annick also handled the graphic design aspect of the release, ensuring that each and every replicated demo faithfully reflects the original in both its content and layout. All eight cassettes are presented in a single clam-shell-style box with individual J-cards for each tape and a booklet containing band biographies. As a whole, this collection is the most fitting representation and celebration possible of Quebec’s rightful place in speed metal history.

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