Dead Congregation “Purifying Consecrated Ground” MLP Out Now

Dead Congregation “Purifying Consecrated Ground” MLP
(Split release with Nuclear Winter Records)

DC MLP clear
DC MLP black

Having now firmly established themselves prominently among the most elite modern practitioners of death metal, Dead Congregation’s 2006 debut mLP, “Purifying Consecrated Ground” receives a well-deserved and proper reissue. Although “Purifying Consecrated Ground” was eclipsed by Dead Congregation’s 2008 LP, “Graves of the Archangels,” “Purifying Consecrated Ground” is an equally powerful and articulate piece of music. This mLP is among the most eloquent expressions of the darkest and most mysterious elements of death metal. While, compositionally, “Purifying Consecrated Ground” is, overall, a faster and more aggressive recording than “Graves of the Archangels,” it still displays Dead Congregation’s penchant for disorienting and sudden shifts in tempo and key that help define their style. Every movement on this mLP demonstrates the methodical and controlled approach that is characteristic of all of Dead Congregation’s work. Frenzied and sweeping riffs carry subdued and blasphemous melodies through relentless passages of the songs before plunging into the brooding depths of their nightmarish underworld. Then, without warning, Dead Congregation’s sound erupts once more into a horrific display of orgiastic violence. Such shifts, although unexpected and unpredictable, sound perfectly natural when executed by Dead Congregation. So few bands can carry out transitions such as these with the expertise demonstrated here. Through these methodologies, Dead Congregation thoroughly defines the sensations that the listener experiences and directs the response he will have. It is this level of control that sets Dead Congregation apart from so may other bands that attempt to attain a similar effect through their music. “Purifying Consecrated Ground” represents that seed of this style which Dead Congregation would perfect 2 years later on “Graves of the Archangels.” Moreover, “Purifying Consecrated Ground” depicts a turning point at a transitional moment in the history of DM when many within the genre began to move toward a more integrated and transcendent approach. For these reasons, it is necessary to revisit this tremendous recording once more and NWN! is honored to present “Purifying Consecrated Ground” in its proper manifestation on 12” vinyl with the brilliant cover artwork restored in color.

Clear vinyl is now sold out. Because this is a split release with Nuclear Winter Records, European maniacs are encouraged to order from NW instead.

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