NWN Upcoming Onslaughts

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Currently at press:

Blasphemy “Fallen Angel of Doom….” LP/Pic LP Repress
Mastiphal “For a Glory of All Evil Spirits, Rise for Victory” LP
Elysian Fields “Adelain” DLP/CD
Abominator “Barbarian War Worship” DLP
Sadistik Exekution “30 Years of Agonizing the Dead” LP/Die Hard LP+7″
Insulter “Blood Spits, Violences and Insults” LP
Pneuma Hagion “Pneuma Hagion” Demo tape
Necromancy “Ancient Wrath” MLP
Ares Kingdom “The Unburiable Dead” CD
Gnosis “The Third Eye Gate” CD

In the works:

Ysengrin / Black Grail Split LP
Ares Kingdom “The Unburiable Dead” LP
Reencarnacion “888 Metal” DLP/CD
Procreation “Incantation of Demonic Lust for Corpses of the Fallen” LP/CD
Chaos Echoes “Parisian Sessions / Rehearsal I” LP
Chaos Echoes “Duo Experience / Spectral Affinities” LP
Chaos Echoes “A Voiceless Ritual” LP