V/A Suomesta Saatanalle LP (Cosmic Church, Keres, Hammer, Blood Red Fog, etc.) In Stock Now

V/A Suomesta Saatanalle LP

This is the infamous and rare Finnish black metal compilation LP by Northern Sky Productions from 2008. Limited to 300 copies and totally sold out elsewhere.

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A1: Famulus Ab Satanas “Death Conquered Life”
A2: Blood Red Fog “Epätoivoa Ja Kuolemaa”
A3: Valonsurma “Channelling The Ghost Of Death”
A4: Kêres “My Bleeding Victories”
B1: Arvet “Sisimmän Kuoleman Kasvoista”
B2: Cosmic Church “Ikuisuuden Temppeli”
B3: Hammer “Vihan Jäljet”
B4: Vritra “Spiritus Argentum”

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