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Apolokia was one of the best black metal bands to emerge from the mid 90′s Italian black metal scene and the two demos contained on this tape represents their best material. Pro tape limited to 333 copies. Released by Bylec-Tum Productions from Italy.

Side A – Fields of Hatefrost (Demotape 1997)
1. Prelude – 2. Fields of Hatefrost – 3. Demonized by Holocaust – 4. Pure Imperial Darkness – 5. Beyond Autumnal Tears – 6. Symphony to the Throne

Side B – Frozen Evocation (Demotape 1995)
1. Intro (Overture to immortality) – 2. A Norse Evil Shadow – 3. The Beauty Inside Pagan Forest – 4. Pentagram Frozen Dimension – 5. Jesus Killing War

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