BLACK METAL 7″ FRIDAY // November 27th 2015

BLACK METAL 7″ FRIDAY // November 27th 2015

I will be selling a 7″ collection of a LOT of ultra rare stuff as part of the ONWARD // ASCENDANT campaign. All funds will go towards the NWN! Warehouse fund.

Some titles I can remember…

Emperor 7″
Dimmu Borgir 7″
Gehenna 7″
Arcturus 7″
V/A Black metal endsieg 7″ I, II III
ildjarn norse 7″
Moonblood split 7″
Katharsis/Black Witchery 7″
Shub Niggurath 7″
Dark Tranquility 7″

and about 250 other 7″s will be added this week with the bulk of it going up on Thanksgiving and Black Friday mornings when I have the time.

Some teaser photos…

 photo BM FRI 1_zpsp615z048.jpg
 photo BM FRI 2_zpsperyzm4n.jpg
 photo BM FRI 3_zpscmich8ez.jpg
 photo BM FRI 4_zps7lsxvcta.jpg