Snakepit Magazine #15 + Insanity “Demo 85″ 7″ Out Now

Snakepit issue 15

It’s another jam packed HEAVY Metal issue with interviews with Realm, Heathen, Insanity, Battle Axe, Blitzkrieg, Abattoir, Anger As Art, Attake, Avenger, azagthoth, Battalion, Bloodcum, Bloodlust, Cold Blood, Dreams of Damnation, Imagika, Lemmy’s Wart, Lonewolf, Pagan War Machine, Poison, Ravensthorn, Redrum, RU Dead?, Sacrilege BC, Satan, Toxic, Unseen Terror, Valhalla, Viron, War Cry, Wargod and Weapon 13. It also comes with an Insanity “Demo 1985″ 7″!!!!! Click here to purchase