V/A NWN Volume I CD Out Now

V/A “Nuclear War Now! Volume I” CD


This compilation was originally released at the NWN Fest in Berlin on November 13th and 14th on vinyl, now available on CD with a slightly different track list. All tracks are exclusive or rare recrodings.

Blasphemophagher “lights of white prosphorous”
Blasphemophagher “nuclear war now!”
Revenge “lamb”
Ares kingdom “ironclad”
Hellias “beat of flame” (Reh 89 version)
Villains “smell the snarl”
Morbosidad “culto a la muerte”
Embrace of thorns “holiness expired”
Ignivomous “the burning equinox” (Album session recording)
Terrorama “apocalypsa”
Midnight “berlin is burning”

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