Razor “Armed and Dangerous” White and Black Vinyl LP In Stock

Razor “Armed and Dangerous” White and Black Vinyl LP

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White vinyl limited to 250:
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We’ve had this title in stock multiple times in the past, but these are probably the last batch of copies that we’ll get from the initial pressing. Not much needs to be said about this classic Canadian speed metal album. The original goes for a ridiculous amount of money so it was great that a real underground label like War on Music was able to reissue it (thank the Goat that it wasn’t done by Roadrunner or Back on Black!). The presentation is very simple and classy; UV coated jacket with printed innersleeve containing a short biography of the early years and some rare photos on the other side along with lyrics. Pressed at Rainbo Records in Los Angeles and lacquer mastered for the best analog sound possible. Don’t miss out on this classic reissue!

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