Set “Dominus Profanum” Tape EP Out Now

Set “Dominus Profanum” Tape EP

Set MC

(Description by J. Campbell)
Invoking the name of the Egyptian god of darkness and disorder, C. Davis/Drathrul (Anu, Hour of 13, Profane Grace, Demoncy, Subklinik, Father Befouled, etc.) has summoned an incomparable masterwork of Death entitled “Dominus Profanum.” Through the songs on this EP, Set conjures and directs all of the oppositional forces that their namesake represents. Set dismembers the cohesive elements of the universe and suffocates the world of light until only darkness remains. The strength of opposition permeates this entire recording as ubiquitously as the opaque veil of death. Even upon a single listen it is readily apparent that the tracks on this EP were written and performed with skill and insight and an insatiable desire to annihilate all that is holy. As one of the most elite U.S. Death Metal acts in operation, Set will undoubtedly continue to spread its omnipresent and brooding sound of misery throughout the world on its forthcoming LP on NWN! Productions. For now, however, worshippers of Death should be temporarily sated by this EP originally released in a highly limited fashion on CD and now properly presented on cassette for widespread analog dissemination.

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