Dreadful Relic in Conspiracy with NWN!

“With a sun and a moon below. Black Sun. Black Moon.”

Thus we conspire to bring forth…

 photo 2017-01-19_00001_zpsoo4lpzly.jpg
 photo 2014-10-27_00001_zpsohgxhtxi.jpg

NWN! PRODUCTIONS sealed a pact with DREADFUL RELIC to release thy LP version of their upcoming debut album.
Prior to that, Nuclear War Now Productions, as a prelude, will release a 7″ Single.
Expect nothing but BLACK MYTHICAL METAL forged in Stygian sorcery!

Thy Hyborian Forces shalt be summoned mid-2017 and onwards!
Therefore further announcements and details shalt be given in time…

In The meantime thou shalt capture thy Howard`s disciples presenting their cacophonic steelnoises around Europe…

Untill then…Pray for Crom`s wrath to fall upon this world!