Evil (Japan) “邪悪を讃えよ(Rites of Evil)” LP Coming Soon

Coming Soon on NWN!

Evil (Japan) “邪悪を讃えよ(Rites of Evil)” LP

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Nuclear War Now! is proud to announce its signing of Evil, a four-piece black/speed metal band from Japan. Formed in 2011, Evil has previously released two demos and a split CD, and now looks to introduce itself to a larger audience with its first full-length album, “邪悪を讃えよ(Rites of Evil),” which is already recorded and set to be released on NWN! in early 2017. Evil’s blend of black metal succeeds in combining the Italian speed metal assault of early Bulldozer, the unhinged Brazilian deathcore of Sarcofago, and the uniquely Japanese vocal style of G.I.S.M. Having toiled in the shadows to prepare this black metal Molotov cocktail, Evil is eager to unleash its incendiary debut on a largely unsuspecting public in the coming months.

1. 除夜 Nightmare Bells (Joya)
2. 呪縛 The Curse (Jubaku)
3. 串刺し Transfixion (Kushi-zashi)
4. 八つ裂き刑 Yatsuzaki (Yatsuzaki-kei)
5. 曼荼羅 Mandala (Mandala)
6. 死に晒せ Give ‘em Hell (Shini-sarase)
7. 卒塔婆の剣 Sword of Stupa (Sotoba-no-tsurugi
8. 毘沙門天 Bishamonten (Bishamonten)
9. 無間地獄 Eternal Hell (Mugen-jigoku)
10. 邪悪を讃えよ Rites of Evil (Jāku-o-tataeyo)
11. 阿修羅 Asura (Asura)
12. 残虐集会 Brutal Mass (Zangyaku-shukai)

CD version to be released by Obliteration Records from Japan.