Expander “Endless Computer” LP/CD Coming Soon

Coming Soon on NWN!

Expander “Endless Computer” LP/CD

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Building on what had already promised to be one of Nuclear War Now’s most active years to date, the label is proud to announce the addition of Expander to its ever-growing roster. Hailing from Austin, Texas, Expander has prefaced the impending release of its debut album with two EPs, both of which tread the same science-fiction-based path as the upcoming “Endless Computer” full-length, which is scheduled to be unleashed by NWN! in the first half of 2017. Playing a style of thrash metal that also draws notable influence from the hardcore punk domain, Expander has carved its own niche in the metal world due in part to its exploration of atypical themes such as advanced technology, artificial intelligence, and mechanization. Recorded in January 2017 by skilled engineer Kurt Ballou at GodCity Studio in Salem, MA, “Endless Computer” promises to wage its campaign to seek autonomous control over all atomic matter in the universe, beginning in the coming months with those who are chosen to unfurl its audial code.

1. Biochron Space Suit
2. R-Type 2 Civilization
3. War Terminal: The True Front Line
4. Endless Computer
5. Authority Spire
6. Opulent Tesseract Ascension
7. Mechanized Deathcanal
8. Timezapped
9. Cold Orbit
10. Cold Orbit II: Facing Worlds

Now streaming in full at Decibel.

Out October