Blasphemic Cruelty “Devil’s Mayhem” LP Out Now

Blasphemic Cruelty “Devil’s Mayhem” LP
Officially licensed from Osmose Productions

BC Red
BC black

At last comes the vinyl release of the highly anticipated debut entitled “Devil’s Mayhem” by Blasphemic Cruelty. Consisting of Gene Palubicki (Angelcorpse, Apocalypse Command), Alex Blume (Ares Kingdom, Nepenthe) and Gina Ambrosio, Blasphemic Cruelty play blackened and sadistic Deathrash. This album demonstrates that even at this late date, there is still hallowed ground within this genre left to be desecrated. The band positions itself at the point of the birth of Death metal in the late 1980′s while also embracing the earliest emanations of the first wave of Black Metal. The importance of the work lay not in the path the band has chosen, however, but in the degree of dedication to that path. In this recording one hears the distinct blackened crackle of burning flesh submerged in the molten pits of the underworld.The howling winds of evil permeate every note of this nuanced recording as they blow, spreading with them the contagion of the virulent plagues of the apocalypse. It is a force of destruction to which all will ultimately be forced to submit.

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