Nocturnal Graves / Hell Spirit “Grave Spirit Sessions” LP Out Now

Nocturnal Graves / Hell Spirit “Grave Spirit Sessions” LP

NG HS black
Ng hs blue

As the sickness of this festering world swells and vice and degeneracy seep out from the cracks and crevices of the continually eroding cities we have built around us. Hatred reigns supreme between men and violence abounds. You can feel it in your blood that the end is at hand. The “Grave Spirit Sessions” LP is the ideal soundtrack to the impending apocalyptic downfall. Nocturnal Graves’ songs on this split seethe with a madness and insane deathlust that drenches the air. Their expert incorporation of melody and their obsessive precision demonstrate clearly that Nocturnal Graves have perfected their craft and their side of this split LP is a testament to their tyrannical reign in the deathrash subgenre. Sharing in this bloodbath is Finland’s Hell Spirit who cover much the same ground. With only two self-released demos to their name, Hell Spirit have remained relatively unknown until now. Yet their driving attack and the impenetrable evil of their riffs render them an ideal and complementary selection for this split LP.

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