Conqueror in Conspiracy With NWN

conq announcement

Born from a desire to spread a blasphemic plague across the planet, NWN! began its destructive quest ten years ago this year. The previous year Conqueror decimated the landscape of the underground upon the release of the legendary “War Cult Supremacy” album. Though both J. Read and R. Forster have long been supportive and affiliated with NWN!, Conqueror’s untimely demise after just one album made it impossible for these two forces of bestial violence to form a united front against the meek and pathetic Judeo-Christian vermin of this world. All blockades have now been obliterated, however, and to commemorate ten years of Nuclear War Now!, this year will see the release of the most definitive edition of “War Cult Supremacy.” This release has been in the planning stages for nearly a year and is at last beginning to take form. Furthermore, for the first time, Conqueror will be fully involved in the design and execution of the album which will allow the vision under which this album was created to be fully realized at last. In addition to “War Cult Supremacy,” NWN! will also reissue the “Hellstorm of Evil Vengeance” split LP featuring Conqueror’s “Anti-Christ Superiority” demo alongside fellow desecrators, Black Witchery. For too long, Conqueror has been denied the superior treatment to which it is rightfully entitled. Having been the first to establish a path that many less deserving bands have since travelled, Conqueror’s legacy must be appropriately honored. The rights to these recordings are for the first time under the control of Conqueror, and Conqueror and NWN! will work together to ensure that these masterpieces of war continue to stay in print indefinitely. This is the intention of this reissue campaign. Now begins a new reign of nuclear terror.

10 years closer to death…