Dawnfall “Dominance of Darkness” LP Back In Stock Now

Released by Iron Bonehead Productions and Final Agony Records

Dawnfall “Dominance of Darkness” LP

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One of the most obscure black metal recordings to emerge from the German black metal underground is finally available on vinyl after 23 years of it being out of print! Originally released on the cult label Nazgul’s Eyrie Productions, which later turned into Barbarian Wrath, the CD became nearly impossible to find unless you were willing to pay $100 on discogs. Just like the original CD, the presentation of this vinyl edition stays true to its minimalist aesthetic without any insert or poster. The music is pure black metal obscurity that borders on accidental genius. Perhaps they weren’t talented enough to write more complex songs or lacked the means to record better, but whatever the reasons this resulted in something special to the time and place that’s impossible to recreate. This album is magical in the same way that old ildjarn recordings can never be matched or recreated. Worship of the past is not just about nostalgia as some say; it’s about exploring what’s lost and finding something new in the past. This album is a perfect example of my theory. Please listen carefully.

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