Bombarder “Speed Kill” and “Bez Milosti” LPs Coming Soon on NWN!

Coming Soon on NWN!

Bombarder “Speed Kill” LP

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Bombarder “Bez Milosti” LP

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Bombarder (Bosnia and Herzegovina) “Speed Kill” LP 1989 and “Bez Milosti” LP 1991 reissues coming soon on NWN! Hidden gems of Eastern European speed/thrash metal reissued with great care and attention to detail from both the band and label. This will be the first time that Speed Kill will be pressed on vinyl as it was originally only available on cassette format (later reissued on CD with a different layout). Their second album “Bez Milosti” has been ultra difficult to find since it day it was released inn wartorn Bosnia.

From Metal Archives:
Originally formed in Yugoslavia (Bosnia and Herzegovina). Amidst the various Balkan wars of the early 1990s, which claimed the lives of drummer Fahrudin Čelik and guitarist Maho Šiljdedić, vocalist Nenad Kovačević moved to Serbia.