Black Funeral LPs Back in Stock Now

American black metal history on vinyl released by Iron Bonehead and distributed by NWN!

Black Funeral “Ankou and the Death Fire” LP
 photo 2017-07-15_00009_zpsbhjsbybv.jpg

Black Funeral “Journey Into Horizons Lost” LP
 photo 2017-06-17_00021_zpskalgierm.jpg

Black Funeral “Vampyr – Throne of the Beast” LP
 photo 2017-06-17_00003_zpsiobo1y02.jpg

Black Funeral “Empire of Blood” LP
 photo 2017-06-17_00020_zpslel5oqoc.jpg

Black Funeral “Moon of Characith” LP
 photo 2017-06-17_00002_zpsxzcckodh.jpg

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