Autopsy “Awakened By Gore” DLP Coming in 2010

Although NWN! and the members of Autopsy have been acquainted for years (see the credits on the Eat My Fuk LP for instance), there has never been an opportunity to unite these forces of evil until now. It is with immense honor that NWN! now announces its plan to reissue a definitive vinyl edition of the Autopsy demos. These demo recordings, “1987 Demo” and “Critical Madness” immediately established Autopsy among the originators of the Death Metal tradition while also carving out their own uniquely demented and doom laden style. Specifically, Autopsy delved deep into a world consumed with filth and disease. With no pseudo-intellectual pretention, Autopsy reveled only in the psychotic lust invoked by the omnipresent odor of necrotic flesh. These demos represent the primordial essence of the sound that was, is, and always will be the exclusive domain of Autopsy. As part of Nuclear War Now!’s 10th year of darkness, the Autopsy demos will be released in a deluxe double LP edition. Sides A and B will feature the demos themselves remastered for vinyl from the original tapes while side C will include rehearsal and live recordings selected by the band and remastered exclusively for this release and side D will feature artwork etched into the vinyl. This release will be the most elaborate Autopsy vinyl released to date and do proper justice to the legacy of these pioneers of death.