Bang LP and CD Reissues In Stock Now

High quality reissues by Svart Records from Finland are in stock now.

Bang “Bang” LP
 photo 2017-06-17_00094_zpskqejmlvk.jpg

Bang “Bang” Digipak CD
 photo 2017-06-17_00067_zpsd6wt1wui.jpg

Bang “Death of a Country” LP
 photo 2017-06-17_00055_zpslqrmjhjv.jpg

Bang “Death of a Country” Digipak CD
 photo 2017-06-17_00066_zps0bixdzdo.jpg

Bang “Mother / Bow to the King” LP
 photo 2017-06-17_00095_zpsliovxwxs.jpg

Bang “Mother / Bow to the King” Digipak CD
 photo 2017-06-17_00068_zpsmx5vbb8s.jpg

Bang “Music” LP + 7″
 photo 2017-06-17_00096_zpsmk1lfzn8.jpg

Bang “Music” Digipak CD
 photo 2017-06-17_00065_zpsivhgb766.jpg

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