Wild Rags LPs in Stock

I was able to get some rare Wild Rags LPs from the 80′s. Most are still sealed and completely mint. Some have some edge wear from sitting in storage for more than 20 years. Make sure to let me know if you want me to take the vinyl out of the jacket and remove the shrink wrap.

V/A “Wild Rags Records Limited Edition” DLP (With Bloodcum, Not Us, Outcasts, Infamous Symphony) (WRR000) : Thrash metal, crossover

Resistant Militia “Resistant Militia demo” LP 1987 (WRR003) : Thrash metal demo on vinyl

Preacher “Trapped In Hell Demo” LP (WRR004) : Satanic thrash metal demo on vinyl

Anialator “Anialator” LP 1988 (WRR006) : Thrash metal from TX

Recipients of Death “Recipients of Death” LP 1988 (WRR-007) : Satanic Thrash metal from LA

Infamous Symphony “Manipulation” LP + 1989 (WRR 009) : Crossover thrash

Not-Us “Think What You Want” LP 1989 (WRR011) : Crossover thrash

Anialator “Anialator II” Picture LP 1989 (WRR 012) : Thrash metal from TX

Gammacide “Victims of Science” LP 1989 (WRR016) : Thrash metal

Hexx “Quest for sanity” LP 1988 (WRR-24) : Deathrash from the bay area. Classic!

Arcane “Destination Unknown” LP 1990 (WRR027) : Thrash metal

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