Death Yell “Morbid Rites” CD Out Now

Death Yell CD

Death Yell “Morbid Rites” CD Out Now
Anti-Goth 056

Chilean cult death metal from 1989. Their one and only demo “Vengeance from Darkness” plus a rare live recording on one CD.
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Lado Death:
Obsessed by the Vision*
Confessions After Death*
Victim or Hangman**

Lado Yell:
Vengeance from Darkness*
Pain and Fear Days*
Heavenly Injustice**

Lado Morbid:
Heavenly Injustice (live)***
Piece of Time (live)***
Bluffer (live)***

Lado Rites:
Victim or Hangman (live)***
Will Never Enjoy (live)***
Confessions After Death (live)***

All songs written by Death Yell except Piece of Time by Atheist

* Recorded in Procor studios on August 1989.
Originally released as “Vengeance From Darknesss” Demo tape.
** Recorded in Procor studios on October 1989
*** Recorded live on November 1990 in Sala Lautaro, Santiago, Chile

Death Yell is
Alejandro “guatiu” Allende – bass
Andrés “pollo” Lozano – guitars
Andrés “pulga” Herrera – guitars
Patricio “bala” Diez – drums
Sergio “galleta” Arenas – yells

Art concept by Andrés Lozano
Front and back covers by Chris “Thorncross” Moyen
Death Yell logo by ndrés Lozano
Death Yell thorns logo by Andrés Lozano
Layout and graphic design by Mark Reategui
Produced by NWN! Productions 2006
Licensed from Death Yell 2006

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