Pest MLP and Mercy 7″ Out Now

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Pest “Pest” MLP
Anti-Goth 061/Carrion 003

German black metal in the Norse tradition of stripped down bm. Just to eliminate any confusion, this is the Pest that released the excellent “Ara” album (originally on their own label and later on tape by Ketzer and CD by FMP). This MLP contains reworked versions of classic Pest songs as well as brand new songs. 5 songs + intro and outro adding up to more than 25 minutes. Comes in high quality embossed LP jacket with double sided poster insert. This is a Bird of Ill Omen Recordings release partially financed and distributed by NWN, hence there is no die hard edition.

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mercy ep
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Mercy “Session 1981″ 7″
Anti-Goth 059

NWOBHM from Sweden at its best! Four excellent tracks of headbangging madness. These tracks were originally released as bonus tracks on the now sold out Mercy “Swedish Metal/Mercy” CD on TPL Records Sweden. These songs were so damn good that I had to license the songs and press it on vinyl. Limited die hard colored vinyl version comes with an embroidered patch and logo sticker.

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