Abhorer and Impiety Demo Compilation LPs Coming Soon

Behold, the ancient gods of war! Singaporean originators of black death metal arise!

Abhorer “Oblation II: Abyssic Demonolatries” LP

(Description by J. Campbell)
Along with Impiety, Abhorer was responsible for drawing attention to the underground scene in Singapore, a country that, to many, seemed an unlikely breeding ground for bestial black metal. Abhorer originally began in 1987 under the name Tombcrusher, which was also the name of the band’s original drummer, who was founding member of both Abhorer and Sexfago. By the early 1990s, Abhorer and Impiety had refined their respective approaches, and a scene coalesced around the two bands. The recording that set into motion this series of events was Abhorer’s “Rumpus of the Undead” demo, released in 1989. Not only was this one of the earliest recordings of this style in Singapore, but even regarded internationally, Abhorer was in the vanguard of the extreme metal scene. Sold and traded around the world, the “Rumpus of the Undead” demo drew attention to Abhorer and their particularly feral brand of Black/Death metal. Although the sound on the demo clearly owed to the limitations of the band’s abilities and finances, it is axiomatic that the greatest creativity often emerges under the strictest constraints, which certainly applies to Abhorer. Drenched in caustic distortion, the guitars trace out the melodies of the riffs in the songs while the percussive frenzy of the drums adds dimension and shape. Unhinged guitar leads pierce the misshapen veil of the songs, and the vocals, combative and hostile, ring out above the fray. This reissue marks the first time since the 1991 LP split with Necrophile that this demo has been officially released. Even more compelling, however, is the inclusion of a demo recording, made in 1991, that was shelved at the time and has never previously been released. The excavation of classic, previously unheard recordings by Abhorer is a truly monumental event in the history of the bestial death metal genre. This unreleased demo captures the primal essence of Abhorer. Although recorded in a studio, the recording retains a lo-fi character that reinforces the bestial sound without detracting from the listening experience. The songs are more complex than those featured on the “Rumpus of the Undead” demo and showcase the band’s emerging style, on the verge of attaining the sound featured on the “Upheaval of Blasphemy” EP released a few years later. This release corrects at last a long-standing omission in Abhorer’s catalog. Both the unreleased 1991 demo and “Rumpus of the Undead” demo have been newly mastered from the original tapes for this release. NWN! is honored to work with Devil Slut Records, the label owned and operated by Cunt-Shredder himself, who also wrote the liner notes, to officially present these recordings for the first time on vinyl.

Side A
‘Oblation II : Abyssic Demonolatries’ Demo ‘91
1. Sabbatory (Intro)
2. Heathendom Incarnate
3. Abyssic Demonolatries
4. Abandonment of Chastity
5. Outro

Side B:
‘Rumpus of the Undead’ Demo ‘89
6. Intro: Revivification
7. Repudiated Faith
8. Rumpus of the Undead
9. Diabolic Epitaph
10. Profaned Immolation


Impiety “Salve the Goat: Iblis Exelsi” LP

(Description by J. Campbell)
After nearly three decades of activity and dozens of releases, the influence of Singapore’s Impiety is undeniable. The band began in 1988, operating under the name Sexfago, an obvious nod to the Brazilian progenitors of the style. At the time, Sexfago was a duo consisting of Goatlord Cunt-Shredder & Goatvulva Lacerator (aka Shyaithan) on guitars and vocals and a drummer known as The Third Fallen Necro-Angelfornicator, who was also a founding member of Abhorer. In 1990, Sexfago assumed the name Impiety, signaling a shift away from playing predominantly covers and toward establishing their own sound. With the same two-man lineup, Impiety recorded and self-released their first rehearsal demo in 1991, which was limited to just 30 copies. This recording, reissued here for the first time, shows the band in its primordial state, foreshadowing what was to come. The following year, having recruited a second guitarist, known as Xul. Desolated Demon of Plutonic Lust (who later played in Itnos), Impiety recorded the now legendary “Ceremonial Necrochrist Redesecration” demo, which along with Abhorer’s earliest recordings, remains among the most bestial emanations of death worship Asia has ever produced. Blasphemy’s influence is apparent from the outset with the use of a keyboard introduction that calls to mind the intros and interludes on “Fallen Angel of Doom.” It is important to recognize, however, that Impiety were not merely fans of Blasphemy; they were comrades and contemporaries of the Ross Bay Desecraters. Indeed, Cunt-Shredder was in regular contact with Black Winds in that early era, and Blasphemy thanked Cunt-Shredder on the “Gods of War” LP. Most importantly, like Blasphemy, Sarcofago, and the other early Black/Death pioneers, Impiety understood the craft of songwriting. Amid the recklessness and chaos of the sound are melodies and structure. With the release of the “Salve the Goat…Iblis Exelsi” EP on the Dutch label Shivadarshana Records, Impiety perfected their early sound. With the recruitment of new guitarist, Leprophiliac Rex, the band’s riffs and song structures became more intricate, but the production remained coarse and sadistic. Thus, the “Salve the Goat…Iblis Exelsi” EP represents the apex of the early Impiety sound. With this collection of recordings, all newly mastered from the original tapes, one hears, for the first time, the band’s stylistic evolution, and these recordings demonstrate the furious force of Impiety in their most intensely bestial phase.

Side A:

1. Cuntblasphemy: Paganistic BitchGoddess Dei-Impalation
2. Magick-consecration Goatsodomy
3. Intromancy: …Of Masse Acheronic Desolation
4. Ceremonial Necrochrist Redesecration
5. Pentagramathron

Side B:

6. Fallen Blasphemathory
7. The Seventh Goatspawn
8. Outroblation: Demonoccultic Rebirthment of Mammon
9. Intro
10. The Black Goat Messiah
11. Invocation of Satanic War
12. Out

Tracks 1-2: Salve the Goat 7” EP – 1993
Tracks 3-8: Ceremonial NecroChrist Redesecration Demo – 1992
Tracks 9-12: Reh Demo – 1991


Out November